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How to Find Good Leather Bags

In this post, I’d like to share some tips with my readers on how to obtain high-quality leather bags at a reasonable price.

I) Rough edges (also known as ragged edges):

Rough edges are an important characteristic of leather bags, and they are one of the most popular types of bags available.

2) The bag’s texture is important:

First and foremost, we must comprehend what leather is. It is made from the skin of several animals. The skin of the animal will not be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. As a result, the texture of the bag will not be the same as before.

3) Impression evaluation:

With your hands, feel the leather’s soft texture. When you push the Genuine bag, you will get a bouncing sensation.

4) Water analysis:

Real leather absorbs water, but imitation leather does not.

5) Perform a view test:

You can tell whether the bag is genuine when you lay it on any flat surface. If it is firm and solid, it is a genuine bag. The fake ones would be flexible and lose their structure, and they would be bent and fragile in the fake leather bags posture. They would also be lacking in sturdiness.

6) Zip-testing is performed:

When you unzip a real leather bag, the zipper will be smooth, but in the case of a fake leather bag, the zipper will be hard to unzipping.

7)Smell examination:

The third step for finding a high-quality leather bag is to smell it to make sure it is made of genuine leather.

8) The leather bag’s label reads as follows:

In the case of genuine leather bags, it will be labelled as “Full-Grain,” which is the highest quality of leather available, but in the case of fake leather bags, it will be marked as “made with full-grain leather,” which may be read as merely a portion of the product is made of leather.

9) Stitching and lining the garment:

Genuine bags will have flawless stitching and lining, but counterfeit bags will have several faults in their stitching, lining, and overall construction.

10) The cost of leather is as follows:

There is no way to get a better deal on leather goods. In retail establishments, the majority of leather items will have a set pricing for the most part. Because the store will not sell high-quality items at a low profit margin, the shop will lose money.


I hope that I have provided some insight into leather bags and that I have shared my experience on how to choose genuine leather bags. These ideas and methods can come in helpful when you are looking to purchase high-quality leather bags in Chennai or the surrounding areas. Make advantage of these tips to locate and purchase high-quality leather bags and leather items.



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